Migrant Landbird Study Group

Promoting collaborative research for migratory landbirds across flyways

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Vojtěch Brlík

Research topics: Breeding ecology; Distribution; Full annual cycle; Non-breeding ecology

Study species: Passerines

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Bird Migration Research Station, University of Gdańsk

Research topics: Climate Change; Migration; Migration routes; Migratory connectivity; Moult

Study species: Passerines

The Bird Migration Research Stationis a research and teaching department in the faculty of biology at the University of Gdańsk. Our research focuses on determining the biology, ecology and morphology of birds during their non-breeding season, especially on migration, to identify the relationships between migration and other elements of their life cycle, and to monitor populations of migratory birds. Our studies focus on passerines as models in studies of migration, but we are also interested in movements of birds from other groups. Operation Baltic, conducted since 1960 at the Polish Baltic coast, is our stations’ main long-term research and monitoring project. Modelling long-term trends in numbers, and changes in the timing and features of bird migrations, in response to changes in environment, including climate change, is a key part of our research. We conduct projects in Poland and abroad, focusing on different aspects of bird movements along their main migration routes. Our research projects merge the efforts of ornithologists and citizen scientists, and involve students and volunteers. During our project we disseminate knowledge about birds to nature lovers of all ages and all nationalities.

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Chris Dee

Study species: Pied Flycatcher

I have had an interest in the natural world since childhood and developed an enthusiasm for birds in my teenage years, going on to study Zoology at the University of Oxford.

In North Devon, England, I monitor breeding Pied Flycatchers in nestboxes at three woodlands as part of the PiedFly Network.

When I am not ringing, I run my own company specialising in website development for bird-related not-for-profit organisations and volunteer groups.

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Kyle Lloyd

Research topics: Breeding ecology; Conservation action, threat reduction, international cooperation; Distribution; Full annual cycle; intra-African migration; Migration routes; Moult; Mountain ecology; Non-breeding ecology

Study species: Flufftails

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Samuel Temidayo (Dayo) Osinubi

Research topics: Geolocation tracking; Migratory connectivity; Phylogeography

Study speciess: African Pygmy Kingfisher; Woodland Kingfisher

An avian behavioural ecologist interested in bird behaviour relative to their environment.

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Raphaël Nussbaumer

Research topics: Full annual cycle; Geolocation tracking; Migration routes

Study speciess: Mangrove Kingfisher; Northern Wheatear; Red-capped Robin-chat; Woodland Kingfisher

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Kieran Lawrence

Research topics: Full annual cycle; Migration; Migratory connectivity; Non-breeding ecology

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Alison Beresford

Research topics: Distribution; Full annual cycle; Migration; Migration routes; Migratory connectivity

Study species: All migrants

I work in RSPB's International Conservation Science team, supporting the Migrants and Flyways Programme.

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Reto Spaar

Head of the regional offices unit and deputy head ot the species conservation unit at the Swiss Ornithological Institute.

Member of the Coordination unit of the AEMLAP (African-Eurasian migratory landbirds action plan) of the CMS (Convention on migratory species).

Tianhao Zhao

Research topics: Geolocation tracking; Migration routes; Migratory connectivity; genetic migration

Study speciess: Siberian rubythroat; Siberian/Stejnegeri's stonechat

I am a 2nd-year PhD student in University of Groningen, the Netherlands, main supervisor is Barbara Helm. I work with Siberian rubythroat and Siberian/Stejnegeri's stonechats (race maurus, przewalski and stejnegeri) to study: 1. the impact of geographical barriers in western China (e.g., Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau) on the migration routes of passerines; 2. the genetic basis and genomic structural details associated with the migration pattern differences across different populations.

Crinan Jarrett

Research topics: Non-breeding ecology; Non-breeding regions

Study species: Passerines

I'm a post-doc at the Swiss Ornithological Institute, studying the ecology of migratory passerines in their non-breeding grounds.

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Dickson Anoibi Matthew

Research topics: Distribution; genetic migration; Geolocation tracking; Light pollution; Migration; Non-breeding ecology; Stopover ecology

Study species: All migrants

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Brady Mattsson

Vera Brust

Research topics: Conservation action, threat reduction, international cooperation; Geolocation tracking; Migration; Wintering ecology

Study species: All migrants

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Martha Maria Sander

Research topics: Breeding ecology; Climate Change; Migration; Migration routes; Mountain ecology

Research location: Parco Naturale Val Troncea

Study species: Northern Wheatear

I am interested in the link between breeding ecology and migration, and effects of climate change in alpine systems. I collect and analyse data on Northern wheatear reproduction (nest monitoring), survival (colour ringing), seasonal habitat and timing of migration (geolocation).

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Jessica Williams

Research topic: Conservation action, threat reduction, international cooperation

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Camille Mermillon

Research topics: Breeding ecology; Climate Change; Mountain ecology; Trophic links

Study species: Northern Wheatear

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Research topic: Yellow-billed Kite dispersal pattern

Study species: Yellow-billed Kite

I'm Caka, a Master's student at Lund University. For my Master's project, I'm studying Yellow-billed Kites and Red Kites dispersal pattern

Catrin Eden

Research topic: Full annual cycle

Study species: Spotted Flycatcher

I am in the first year of my PhD researching the decline of Spotted Flycatchers and how habitat and environmental drivers impact their population dynamics. 

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Judit Szabo

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