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Ivan Maggini

Study species: Passerines

Research topics: Ecophysiology; Migration; Stopover ecology

Institution location: Konrad-Lorenz Institute of Ethology, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

Research locations: Biological Station Illmitz, Austria; Hotel Yasmina, Morocco; Ponza, Italy; Ventotene, Italy

I am the scientific coordinator of the Austrian Ornithological Centre (AOC) based in Vienna. I'm also a board member of EURING, the European bird ringing association, and vice-chair of the MLSG.My research revolves around the ecophysiology of migration, mostly of Passerines, focusing mostly on stopover areas along the route. I am also interested in the physiological adjustments of birds to react to challenging conditions such as high temperatures. I prefer conducting my research under natural conditions in the field, though I am also relying on captive studies when necessary. I use several field methods including bird catching and individual marking, tissue sampling, (automated) radiotelemetry and other tracking technologies, field respirometry to mention a few. In the past I also flew birds in wind tunnels and performed several procedures with captive birds. At present my research is conducted at field sites in Morocco, Italy and Austria, but I have collaborations all around the world and am happy to add more of them in the future!